Homecoming Game Win


Bellport's Football team during homecoming game

Bellport’s Football team during homecoming game

Homecoming court and king and queen during half time

Homecoming court and king and queen during half time


Despite a rocky start to Bellport’s homecoming weekend due to the cancellation of the homecoming parade because of rain, Bellport fans came out rain or shine last Saturday to support Bellport’s Junk Yard Dogs homecoming game against Copiague. Student’s, faculty and community members cheered on the team in the stands while Bellport dominated in the game. This was expected because of Bellport’s undefeated record so far of 5 and 0. Copiague was defeated with a whopping 69 to 0, leaving much to be celebrated at Bellport High for the rest of the weekend’s homecoming festivities.

Club Profile- Fathom

Fathom members working during meeting

Fathom members working during meeting


Things are finally in a full swing here at Bellport High School. We are halfway through the fall sports season and progress reports are going out soon. Many of our clubs have resumed and are preparing themselves for the upcoming events of homecoming and Save Halloween. This includes Fathom, the club that edits and produces Bellport High School’s acclaimed litterary magazine of the same name. Each of the members of Fathom vote on a theme for the years magazine and edit the work submitted to them by students of Bellport, as well as create their own submissions. Students can submit their personal creations such as poems, short stories, artwork and photos having to do with the years theme. All of these creative works will be edited by the Fathom staff and complied into a magazine that will be released at the end of the year. The theme that has been chosen for this years magazine is Changes. Any type of writing or artwork inspired by this theme may be submitted to Mrs. Hartmann in room 111. Students have the option of submitting work anonymously.

The members of Fathom are currently very busy preparing for Save Halloween. Fathom will be running a room themed with elements from Grimm Brothers fairy tales, such as Hansel and Gretel. Tricker Treaters will be able to come into the room and take a tour through several different fairy tales, ending with frosted cookies in the Witches Candy House from Hansel and Gretel. Fathom treasurer, Isabella Iadicicco ’17 spoke excitedly about the event. “We hope to make a great experience for the kids by incorporating the spooky elements of these fairy tales as well as the more magical and fantastical ones.”

Anyone interested in joining Fathom can see Mrs. Hartmann in room 111. Fathom meets after school at 2:00pm in room 111 unless otherwise announced.

This Week in Bellport…

Principal Hogan takes a selfie with some of the senior class on 10/07/14

(Photo courtesy of Julie Trowbridge ’15)

Drunk Driving Assembly


Monday morning of last week, our senior class had an assembly about drunk driving. However, this was not the usual PowerPoint assembly in the auditorium. The South Country Ambulance and police department created a replica of a drunk-driving accident, complete with student actors, crashed cars, and even a dead body in the front parking lot.

Ashley Ciambra ’15, a senior who attended the event said, “It changed my perspective on drunk driving big time.” As Ashley explained how terrifying it was to witness such a realistic scene of something that could so easily happen, she said, “Seeing the police covering bodies of people I actually know and all the EMT’s rushing to save people from the crashed car was so scary.”

The event seemed to have made a lasting impression on the seniors and helped them to better understand the effects of drunk driving. The idea that it could be you really sunk in. I think Ashley speaks for all of her fellow classmates when she says “I will never get into a car with a drunk driver no matter what.”

Junior Varsity Cheerleading

Bellport's Varsity Cheerleaders

Bellport’s Varsity Cheerleaders


I can honestly say that I am honored to be a captain and a part of this year’s J.V team. We have some great new up and coming faces that are being helped along by our coach Allie. We became a family the day we stepped on to those mats and we’ve been working really hard. Every day we get stronger and become a better team. We go to practice and push ourselves to the limit to see what we can accomplish. The season has just started and we’re super excited to cheer for our fellow JV football team. We look forward to seeing Bellport’s students cheering alongside us all the upcoming games.

Homecoming- Freshmen’s Perspective

some of last years freshmen before the homecoming parade

some of last years freshmen before the homecoming parade


October 11th is going to be a big night for Bellport students as BHS celebrates it’s annual homecoming parade, game and dance. No one is more excited and eager to be a part of it then the new ninth grade class. We can’t wait to help out build our float. It’s theme is the well-known board game ‘Battleship’. This is a great time for freshmen to be welcomed into Bellport’s community spirit.

In fact many have already joined the various sports and clubs. One 9th grader, Sam Pascasio, who will be preforming with her flute in the homecoming Marching Band says, “Something so new, I can’t wait! I’m excited.”

Diana Onorato, a fellow ninth grader who is part of Varsity Cheerleading team says “Well I’m unfortunately not preforming due to injury, but I’m really looking forward to seeing our team go out and win and have a lot of school spirit behind them!” Diana and her team will be cheering alongside the rest of Bellport as our Clippers go up to take down the Eagles for homecoming football game!

Veterans in Need



To many Americans medical care comes easy and fast, however if you’ve seen the news lately, the VA (veterans hospitals) has not been doing there job as well as many Americans would have hoped. Many men and woman that promise their lives to protect the United States have a hard time getting the help they need. Often soldiers come back with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or even missing arms and legs. These are very real problems that can affect not only the veterans but family and friends of the veteran.

I, as a son of a veteran know these effects first hand. My father has many medical problems due to his years in service. He has shrapnel in his head and leg from an exposition on the ship he was stationed on as well as cirrhosis of the liver. The VA has said he cannot get a transplant till he is on his death bed. This seems unfair to me considering these man and woman give there all and more so we can sleep safely at night. If the United States is able to give help to those that are homeless or bankrupted I don’t understand why we can’t help the men and woman that keep us safe.

If this issue does not personally affect you or bother you I hope this opens your eyes. There are many problems of importance in our county that are often overlooked. Eventually we all will have been affected somehow.Bellport High's Veterans Memorial

Hispanic Students Honored For Academic Achievement

Bellport Social Studies teacher Mrs.Palladino, Hispanic students Jhonatan Bonilla and Xenya Collazo and Bellport High School culinary teacher Camille Masem will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Bellport Social Studies teacher Mrs.Palladino, Hispanic students Jhonatan Bonilla ’17 and Xenya Collazo ’17 and Bellport High School culinary teacher Camille Masem will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month



This past Friday, September 19th, marked an important event for a select few students here at Bellport High School. In an event televised on channel 18, many Bellport students of Hispanic heritage were honored for their academic achievements.

The ceremony was met with a large turnout, complete with performances by a Spanish dance company and speeches from a few inspirational speakers. “One doctor told his story about living in Colombia without his parents when he was little,” said Kala DiGiacomo ‘15, one of the honorees.

“Once he moved to America he was able to go to Princeton and then continue on to Harvard Med,” added Cristyl Colon ‘15. The ceremony was then followed by an international feast.

The students being honored were all of Hispanic heritage and have maintained a GPA of 3.5 or higher, which is worth a celebration. Stay tuned for the next issue of the Clipper, where we have a full list of the honorees in addition to an expanded story.


Fall Pep-Rally: Delayed yet Successful

Students gather on the football field to cheer along the schools’ sports teams



Even with a little confusion and delay, Bellport’s Pep Rally of 2013 was a success. Athletes, coaches, students, and teachers all shared an afternoon of fun and excitement the day before Homecoming to cheer on our school’s sports teams. “It’s to show that we’re united as a school, and that we all support each other in our school,” claimed Melany Zapata ‘17. “We really just go to show our school spirit,” says Kaitlyn Ridgely, a sophomore. “It’s to show how hard our athletes have worked since the summer, and to show the teams that represent our school. It gives all our teams a chance to be in the spotlight so that we know none of our teams are better than the other,” states Ramona Henderson, a freshman JV cheerleader. All seven varsity sports teams ranging from football to cross country, along with the JV squads, were represented in this event. Coaches announced their teams from center field as the athletes ran across the field when their name was called. The football team put on a small show for the students as they ran through a few of their plays and performed their team’s rallying chants which were led by the captains.

Students cheer and scream on their fellow classmates

Students cheer and scream on their fellow classmates

The remaining teams watched along and cheered on those being presented as they took part in a school event meant to show equal respect for Bellport’s Varsity and Junior Varsity fall sports teams. There were, however, mixed feelings
about the peppiness of our students. “The athletes were pepped up, but other than that, only the seniors were really peppy.
Everyone else pretty much cheered whenever someone they knew and liked ran up or after the performances by the dance
team and cheerleaders,” said Deanna DiMartino, a freshman. Deanna’s opinion shared as well. “If there was a pep
contest, the seniors definitely would’ve won,” says Nicole Walsh, another freshman. “I thought it was pretty cheerful
and pappy,” says freshman Annalisse Ayala.

Overall, there was a good feeling to the pep rally. People were enjoying the music, performances, and time spent together
with friends. The performances by both the dance team and cheerleading squads along with Morell Brown, who performed
our National Anthem, only added to the spirit of the day.

Trick or Treat Street brings families out the night before Halloween

These year’s Halloween celebration was a major success


Trick-or-Treat Street has been a great success this year. From all of the bright costumes, fun activeities and most of all happy children. When you first walked in you saw a table where you grab your ticket to enter the festivies. The general set up is you walk from classroom to classroom doing activities, receiving candy, cupcakes or other treats. Many kids loved it with boys and girls dressed up, even the high schoolers. Noah Hill was dressed up like Finn from ‘Adventure Time’, he had the white hat, backpack, everything. Luke Allan was dressed up like the dragon Night Fury or known as ‘Toothless’ from the movie ‘How to Train your Dragon’.

(From left to right) Christina Garcia ‘14, John Henry Kochersberger ‘14, Courtney Pabst ‘15, Nicole Powell ‘14, Celeste Michaels ‘14, Renzo Abaldonado ‘15, Mary Mackie ‘16, Vanessa Vaughn 14’, Blayne LaGrega ‘16

(From left to right) Christina Garcia ‘14, John Henry Kochersberger ‘14, Courtney Pabst ‘15, Nicole
Powell ‘14, Celeste Michaels ‘14, Renzo Abaldonado ‘15, Mary Mackie ‘16, Vanessa Vaughn 14’,
Blayne LaGrega ‘16

He was wearing all black, had the head of the dragon placed on his head, black wings attached to his arms and the tail attached to his lower back. Lastly, little Sophia David was dressed up like an angel, d