Fall Pep-Rally: Delayed yet Successful

Students gather on the football field to cheer along the schools’ sports teams



Even with a little confusion and delay, Bellport’s Pep Rally of 2013 was a success. Athletes, coaches, students, and teachers all shared an afternoon of fun and excitement the day before Homecoming to cheer on our school’s sports teams. “It’s to show that we’re united as a school, and that we all support each other in our school,” claimed Melany Zapata ‘17. “We really just go to show our school spirit,” says Kaitlyn Ridgely, a sophomore. “It’s to show how hard our athletes have worked since the summer, and to show the teams that represent our school. It gives all our teams a chance to be in the spotlight so that we know none of our teams are better than the other,” states Ramona Henderson, a freshman JV cheerleader. All seven varsity sports teams ranging from football to cross country, along with the JV squads, were represented in this event. Coaches announced their teams from center field as the athletes ran across the field when their name was called. The football team put on a small show for the students as they ran through a few of their plays and performed their team’s rallying chants which were led by the captains.

Students cheer and scream on their fellow classmates

Students cheer and scream on their fellow classmates

The remaining teams watched along and cheered on those being presented as they took part in a school event meant to show equal respect for Bellport’s Varsity and Junior Varsity fall sports teams. There were, however, mixed feelings
about the peppiness of our students. “The athletes were pepped up, but other than that, only the seniors were really peppy.
Everyone else pretty much cheered whenever someone they knew and liked ran up or after the performances by the dance
team and cheerleaders,” said Deanna DiMartino, a freshman. Deanna’s opinion shared as well. “If there was a pep
contest, the seniors definitely would’ve won,” says Nicole Walsh, another freshman. “I thought it was pretty cheerful
and pappy,” says freshman Annalisse Ayala.

Overall, there was a good feeling to the pep rally. People were enjoying the music, performances, and time spent together
with friends. The performances by both the dance team and cheerleading squads along with Morell Brown, who performed
our National Anthem, only added to the spirit of the day.

Trick or Treat Street brings families out the night before Halloween

These year’s Halloween celebration was a major success


Trick-or-Treat Street has been a great success this year. From all of the bright costumes, fun activeities and most of all happy children. When you first walked in you saw a table where you grab your ticket to enter the festivies. The general set up is you walk from classroom to classroom doing activities, receiving candy, cupcakes or other treats. Many kids loved it with boys and girls dressed up, even the high schoolers. Noah Hill was dressed up like Finn from ‘Adventure Time’, he had the white hat, backpack, everything. Luke Allan was dressed up like the dragon Night Fury or known as ‘Toothless’ from the movie ‘How to Train your Dragon’.

(From left to right) Christina Garcia ‘14, John Henry Kochersberger ‘14, Courtney Pabst ‘15, Nicole Powell ‘14, Celeste Michaels ‘14, Renzo Abaldonado ‘15, Mary Mackie ‘16, Vanessa Vaughn 14’, Blayne LaGrega ‘16

(From left to right) Christina Garcia ‘14, John Henry Kochersberger ‘14, Courtney Pabst ‘15, Nicole
Powell ‘14, Celeste Michaels ‘14, Renzo Abaldonado ‘15, Mary Mackie ‘16, Vanessa Vaughn 14’,
Blayne LaGrega ‘16

He was wearing all black, had the head of the dragon placed on his head, black wings attached to his arms and the tail attached to his lower back. Lastly, little Sophia David was dressed up like an angel, d

Well Wishes, Ms. Hays

Bellport High School is wishing Ms. Hays a speedy recovery


Students are anxious to see Ms. Regina Hays in the halls again as she recovers from a motor vehicle collision. The well known economics teacher’s presence has been sorely missed in not only the classroom, but at History Club meetings as well. Hays is the advisor of the club, which recently hosted a memorial service for Bellport High School alumni who sacrificed their lives for the United States in the Vietnam and Afghanistan/Iraq wars. The memorial- which included a poignant speech from Jim Vaughan, Past Post Commander of VFW Post 8300- was incredibly touching, and something that Ms. Hays and her students should be applauded for.

One of her current students, Helen McDowell ’14, shared her feelings on the economics teacher’s absence: “[Ms. Hays] is

Italian Club Trip


During the previous week on Monday, November 18th, the Italian
club took a trip to New York City. A total of about 40 kids arrived at
the school that morning to get on the bus to begin our journey for
the day. The trip began with a bus ride with Mrs. Ellams, Mrs. Hines,
and Mrs. Menikos. The students had Ferraras for lunch. They walkedItalian Trip
a couple blocks to reached the main destination, The Institution of
Culinary Education. Here the students learned to make various dishes
and even homemade pasta. Frankie Porcaro ‘14 was lucky enough to
personally help the chef. As a gift to take home the chefs gave students
two types of pastas and a chef hat. Eventually the group made it
back to the bus after that and headed home


Homecoming Review

BHS students cheer with heart for sports teams



October 19th was a big night for the senior class. Their float, representing their winter theme, took first place in                              Dance 2014the Homecoming Float Competition and this year’s King and Queen ofthe night were announced to be Shina Lingat andMichael D’Amadeo. Celebration of the night ensued at the dance, but we’ll get to that later. Our very own Junkyard Dogs put up quite valiant fight against the Sharks of Eastport South Manor, but in the very last seconds of overtime they succumbed to a 31-28 loss. But the misfortune didn’t affect our team too drastically; the are currently on their way to playoffs! And now for

the main event: The Dance. The Homecoming Dance got off to a forty-five minute late start due to the smoke machine setting

Soccer star, cow lover, and “queen of the orchestra”

After her passing, alumna Katie Kokis ’12 is remembered for her place in the Bellport community


If you knew anything about Katie Kokis, you probably were aware of her unfailing ability to brighten up a room, her adoration of cows, and her talents in both sports and academics. A 2012 Bellport High School alumna, Katie Kokis played on both the Girls’ Varsity soccer and lacrosse teams yet also challenged herself rigorously in the clasroom. On November 4, 2013, Katie’s life was tragically cut short. However, the cause for her death cannot be pinpointed to a specific reason. “She had an autoimmune disease since she was 9 [which has been under control for the past ten years]” said her mother, Kathy Kokis. Though she had continued to fight this “autoimmune hepatitis” of the liver, Katie contracted mononucleosis, causing “an inflammation of the immune system… everything in her body was being affected, especially her liver, and her liver basically shut down.”

Katie enjoying her love of cows while attending Bellport High School

Katie enjoying her love of cows while attending Bellport High School

Congrats Connor

Bellport High School’s Connor Cipp receives RPI award


For almost a century, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has been working in conjunction with high schools all around the world to recognize students who have excelled in STEM disciplines: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Bellport High School is honored to announce that the 2013 recipient of the Rensselaer Medal is Connor Cipp ‘14.


The award, given to juniors, offers a merit scholarship with a minimum of $15,000 per year to RPI. The medal was first

Exclusive: Graduation Speech Videos

Valedictorian Liza O'Connor '13


The Clipper has uploaded the student speeches given during the 2013 commencement ceremony.

Bellport’s top students

(From left to right) Mr. Hogan, Liza O’Connor (Valedictorian), Emily Martinez (Salutatorian), Emily Hoff (Essayist), and Dr. Koenig

Valedictorian, salutatorian, and essayist look forward to outstanding futures


Graduation is upon us, which means that it is time to recognize the achievements of the students in the Class of 2013. The three highest academic achieving students in the senior class will be speaking at graduation: Essayist Emily Hoff ’13, Salutatorian Emily Martinez ’13, and finally Valedictorian Liza O’Connor ’13.

These three ladies all have very impressive GPAs, but what truly makes them such excellent students is how incredibly involved they are in their interests in and out of school. All three girls display incredible passion and drive, which has and will continue to lead to their success.

Theater students bid farewell

Senior theater students performing at the end of the varety show wearing their college t-shirts

Class of 2013 actors and singers set the stage for future success


This year, Bellport High School will say good-bye to the 2013 seniors’ theater cast. Many of the senior theater students have been involved in school productions for many years.

This year, the senior students performed in the musical “Pippin”, the drama “Fools” and the variety show “New York City”. Students typically rehearsed every weekday for three hours a day. The last production of their career, the variety show, was performed April 26-27.